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Fitness is Spiritual, Mental & Physical

Fitness involves the whole you – spiritual, mental and physical. Most people focus solely on the physical aspect, but I am a personal trainer that incorporates all three. It is essential that your healthy food choices coincide with a system that takes all three parts of you into account. As a client of Your Body His Temple, YBHT, you will discover that your body truly is God’s temple. In order for your results to last, your physical regimen must be accompanied by mental and spiritual change. Your belief (about your body image, yourself, etc.) begins in your thoughts and is expressed in your daily, personal decisions. These personal choices affect how, when, and what you eat, as well as how you see yourself spiritually. Each thought and each resulting action will have positive or negative effects on how you look and how you take care of your body, HIS TEMPLE.

Nutrition is Essential

We all recognize that the food we eat affects our bodies, but I teach my clients that consistency in eating the right foods has a direct impact on achieving optimal results. Food affects your overall mood, general health, and life expectancy, and the wrong food choices can promote disease and irregularity. Clean eating, with an emphasis on protein and complex carbohydrates (fiber) will give you the energy to work out harder and longer, while increasing lean muscle and improving your quality of life.

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If you struggle with weight loss,  low energy, irregular bowels, & getting in all servings of your fruits (minus the sugar) and vegetables. Trainer Tina recommends that you order Juice Plus+ as a great daily supplement.

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Do You Want to Burn Excess Fat?

You can WASTE a lot of time on treadmills and elliptical machines and never see results. These machines have their place, but are useless if you’re not using them properly or in your fat-burning zone (THRZ). I will teach you how to combine resistance and cardio training while remaining in your training zone. I will also help you to eliminate the ‘I will get too big using weights’ myth. Resistance training is ESSENTIAL if you’re looking to CHANGE your body.


Last, But Not Least, Early Morning Weigh-Ins Are a Gimmick!

Ditch the scale and remember that muscle weighs more than fat. Focus on the size of your clothing, your body measurements, and your body fat. Seasonal, temporal changes won’t last. If you want positive and lasting changes, HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES MUST BECOME LIFESTYLE HABITS.  Are you ready to begin working toward a better and healthier you?